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14 Tips for Choosing and Pairing Fonts

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With so many different fonts out there, pairing them together can often be a struggle. How do you know which fonts go well together?
The key is to pair fonts that complement, not conflict with one another. Think opposites attract when it comes to combining fonts. When you pair fonts that are too similar to each other, they compete for attention. Contrasting fonts create a harmonious look.

Below are some tips to consider for your next project:

1. Using a serif font? Combine it with a sans-serif font.

2. Alternatively, using a sans-serif font? Combine it with a serif font.

3. Avoid combining fonts that are TOO SIMILAR.

4. Use only 2 or 3 different fonts.

Using anything more than that could make it hard for your visitors to read. Allow one font that best represents your brand be the center focus, and use the others as accent fonts throughout the design.

5. Combine fonts of complementary moods.

6. Combine uppercase fonts with lowercase fonts.

7. Experiment with letter spacing, also known as kerning.

Pro Tip: Don’t use kerning or all caps for script fonts. These fonts are designed so that each letter kind of flows into the next one seamlessly.

8. Play with different font sizes and styles.

Pro Tip: Some fonts include alternates, ornaments or flourishes so you can apply unique styles to each letter. Check for your “Glyphs” panel to see what’s all included.

9. Pair a display, decorative font in combination with a simple font.

10. Look out for textures and unique styles.

11. Contrast conjunction words with keywords.

12. Be mindful of alignment and hierarchy.

13. Avoid any overused fonts.

With that being said…

14. Invest in high quality fonts.

When I started purchasing fonts, I noticed a big difference in my work. Paid fonts tend to be of higher quality and variety. Plus, purchased fonts are generally not as popular, so your work has an opportunity to stand out from other typography.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for bundle design packs. Sites like Creative Market, The Hungry JPEG and Design Cuts offer awesome design bundles that include a BUNCH of fonts at discounted rates. And I’m talking 50-99% off.

And there you have it! I hope these tips inspire and help you for your next project. Typography is one of my favorite parts of design. When used properly, you can really achieve aesthetically pleasing designs.
Fun fact: One of my “One Day” goals is to design my own font. That would be so cool!

What’s your favorite font pairing? Have any other tips? Leave a comment below!

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