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5 Divi Quick Tips (Part Two)


Here Are 5 More Easy Things You Can Do With Divi That You May Not Know About

In case you missed it, check out Part One here.

1. Right Click Sections, Rows + Modules for Shortcut Settings

Right click anywhere on the section, row or module to access quick links to your settings, such as Rename, Split Test, Save To Library, Disable, Preview + more.


2. View All Divi Keyboard Shortcuts by Pressing “?” Key

Speaking of shortcuts, press the “?” key and you’ll see Divi supports tons of them! Use this to your advantage and work more efficiently.


3. Display Captcha on your Contact Forms To Prevent Spam

Enable Captcha in the Settings of your Contact Form module to have your audience complete a math equation before sending a message. (Ex: 3+5 = ?) It may be an extra step for your audience, but it ensures that you’re receiving messages from real people and not spam bots.


4. Remove Vertical Divider on Sidebar

Sometimes the divider in between your blog content and sidebar can conflict with your design. For those who are like me and like as much white space as possible, this tip is for you.
Go to WP Dashboard > Divi > Module Customizer > Sidebar > Check Remove Vertical Divider


5. Use the Blank Page Template to Create Custom Pages

Don’t worry about purchasing your Landing Pages, Sales Pages, Coming Soon Pages, and Maintenance Pages from third-parties. Instead simply create your own by using the Blank page Template. This will give you a complete blank canvas to design just about any page you need with the Divi builder. One of the many reasons why I love the Divi theme is that you can really stretch this theme into anything you want.


Well that’s it for this Divi Quick Tip round! If you learned something new or found this helpful, feel free to share with your Divi friends 🙂

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