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5 Quick Tips For Divi (Part One)


Here Are 5 Easy Things You Can Do With Divi That You May Not Know About


1. Embed Your Brand Colors

Add your brand colors to the color pickers default palette so you don’t have to keep copying and pasting color hex codes. This will make it super easy as you design your website.
Go to Divi > Theme Options > Color Pickers Default Palette > Enter your colors.


2. Add Custom CSS To A Single Post Or Page

This comes in handy when you want to customize a single post or page without it affecting the rest of your website.
Go to your Page or Post > Click the Settings icon in the Divi Builder Header > Add Custom CSS


3. Rename Your Modules To Better Organize Your Layouts

Having too many modules with the same labels can get a bit confusing. Stay organized by naming your modules with custom headings so you know exactly where everything is.
Go to Module Settings > Admin Label > Change Name


4. Set Custom Default Settings For Animation On Image Module

I don’t know about you, but having to change the animation setting every time I add an Image Module can get a bit tedious. Apply your custom settings within the Module Customizer to save you one extra step.
Go to Divi > Module Customizer > Image > Set To No Animation (or whichever you prefer)

5. Build Your Own Custom Divi Library to Re-use Templates

If you find yourself always building out the same layouts, save yourself a load of time by creating it once and then saving it to your Divi Library to re-use again. This applies to full layouts, sections, rows AND modules.
To save Full Layouts: Go to Save To Library in the Top Header > Add Layout Name > Click Save


To save Sections, Rows and Modules: Go to Settings (Hamburger Menu) > Click Save & Add To Library at the Bottom > Add Template Name


Pro Tip: Select “Global” if you plan on using this module multiple times throughout your site and want the content to remain the same on all of them. That way when you edit one module, the changes apply to the rest of the modules as well. Global will be show in green.


Stay tuned for more Divi Quick Tips!

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