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Top 5 Lessons Learned In My First Year of Business
Top 5 Lessons Learned In My First Year of Business

Being your own boss has a unique way of teaching you lessons every single day. Sometimes even multiple lessons a day. While I totally could whip out the 365+ lessons I’ve learned in my first year of business, I’m just sharing 5 of the most meaningful ones.   Take...

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How I Became A Web Designer
How I Became A Web Designer

  “I design websites for a living.”   If you told that to little ol’ me – a 13-year-old girl who spent most of her summers behind a computer writing HTML and CSS code as a hobby – that that would be my career, I would have fallen out of my chair.   Even...

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About Brittney Lopez


Hi there, I'm Britt!

I'm a branding + web designer for creative entrepreneurs. Here on my blog I like to share my top tips related to branding, web design, and Divi – my favorite WordPress theme. Enjoy!

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