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12 Reasons To Design Your Creative Business Website With Divi

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Before we dive in, you should know:

This post contains affiliate links, which means I will earn commission if you decide to purchase a product using my link. I only recommend products that I personally use and love, and hope you will too.

What is Divi?

the ultimate wordpress theme

Divi is a powerful, flexible WordPress theme created by Elegant Themes. (And I’m obsessed.) It’s essentially a framework that allows you to piece together pages seamlessly using a drag + drop page building tool. It’s super user-friendly, intuitive features are making this become one of the top WordPress themes out there.

Fun fact: Divi is one of the main tools I use for my web design business.

Another fun fact:
 You don’t have to be an experienced web designer to design a beautiful, professional website for your business. (More on that below.)

Basically, if you are in search for an all-in-one, affordable WordPress theme for your creative business website, Divi may be right for you. 

Why use Divi for your creative business website?

1. Design Any Type Of Website For Your Business.

With most WordPress themes, what you see is what you get in terms of the layout and structure for your website. But with Divi, your layout options are aren’t restricted. You can individually design your pages (and posts) with any layout you want.

This is all possible with the Divi Builder.

The Divi Builder simply replaces your standard WordPress editor with an incredibly user-friendly, flexible page editor. It offers tons of layout options + design elements so you can easily build your website. With just the click of a few buttons, you can design stunning pages for your creative business website all on your own.

But what if I don’t have any design experience? – Dont worry, my friend.

Design is made simple with Divi. (Plus, I got you!)

Just know that it’s possible to make beautiful, professional websites with Divi without any web design experience.

2. All levels of coding experience are welcomed.

Whether you’re…

a new entrepreneur who is not tech savvy at all, and code isn’t your thing.
a seasoned entrepreneur unafraid to tackle some basic HTML + CSS, if you ever needed to. 
an advanced web designer who loves coding with HTML + CSS. (That’s me!)
an expert web developer who is a coding BOSS. (You the real MVP.)

Divi welcomes all levels of coding experience. It has helped people from new entrepreneurs who are setting up their website for the first time to expert web designers who are designing websites for professional brands.

It has all of the flexibility to design without limitations. (And that’s why I love it.)

3. customize divi with your own brand.

Out of the box, Divi is a blank template with options to embed your logo, brand colors, fonts + more. 

You can edit these features within the Divi Theme Options and Divi Theme Customizer, and turn your blank canvas into a well-branded website for your business.

4. Design your own custom blog Page.

Are you a business owner who loves blogging? With Divi, you can design a custom blog page to display your blog feed in a unique, creative way. This is possible with The Blog Module – one of many modules included in the Divi Builder. Add this module to your blog page (or any page) and your posts will automatically be displayed. You can even display posts from a specific category.

Check this out: How To Style Your Divi Blog Page  

5. design your own custom email OPT Ins.

Another popular feature in the Divi Builder is the Email Optin Module, which connects your email provider to a custom designed sign up form. This optin module works with popular email providers, such as Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Infusionsoft, Aweber + more.

Bonus: Your Elegant Themes membership also gives you access to Bloom – a plugin for email opt ins and lead generation. This plugin allows even more possibilites such as pop-up forms, fly-in forms, widget forms, and even a form that requires you to sign up before accessing free content. (Perfect for free downloads!) 

6. Design a custom mobile website.

Having a responsive website is no longer an option – it’s a requirement. Luckily, Divi is already mobile-responsive out of the box. But if you wanted to design custom layouts based on screen sizes, you can. This is handy if you want your website to look a certain way on desktop and another on mobile. With the majority of websites being viewed on smartphones nowadays, it’s important that you provide your readers with an awesome mobile experience.

7. Create your own Divi library.

The Divi Library is a feature that will cut down the time it takes to build your website in half. The Divi Library allows you to create your own library of modules + layouts that you can reuse anywhere on your website. For example, let’s say you designed a beautiful contact form for Contact page. Now you want to add one to your About page. Instead of creating it all over again, simply save the contact form to your Divi Library and import it on to the new page. It will be exactly how you designed it. If you needed to, you can customize the content and settings. 

Divi Tip: If you mark your layouts as Global, it will lock in the content + settings for that specific module or layout. Then any time you make a change to the text, for example, the changes will be applied across your entire website.

8. Apply a ready-made Divi child theme.

You may not want to deal with the design at all. Instead, you might just rather buy a pre-designed theme to install. Divi Child Themes take care of that for you. They come packaged up with all of the design in place, and all you would have to do is add in your content. There is a growing collection of beautiful child themes out there already. Here are some of my favorite shops: (No paid endorsements here, just love.) 

The Design Space Co.
Be Superfly
Creative Child Themes
Divi Soup
A Girl And Her Mac

9. use plugins made just for divi.

In addition to the plugins you get with your Elegant Themes membership, there are a ton of Divi plugins created by members of the Divi community. Some are paid, some are free, but all of them will help take your Divi website to the next level and extend Divi’s capabilities that much further. (Not to mention it’s great to support the Divi community!)

Check this out: 10 Awesome Third-Party Divi Plugins 

10. modify to fit your growing business.

Do you plan on adding a shop to your website? Or what about a membership program? These are features that Divi can handle. With Divi, you’ll have a stable, secure + flexible foundation for your website that can be modified to fit all of your needs as your business grows. 

11. get access to a supportive divi community.

The Divi community is filled with people of all backgrounds + experience levels. Not only do you have the Elegant Themes Support Team by your side, but there are thousands of members spread across Facebook groups, blogs and websites that are true #DiviEnthusiasts. From what I’ve seen, there is always someone who is willing to lend their advice + expertise if you get stuck or have a question.

Here are a few of my favorite Divi Facebook Groups:

Elegant Themes User Community
Divi Theme | Extra Theme | Help & Share
Divi Themes User

12. become a part of my own divi community.

I’ve started a new project called Design With Divi to help creative entrepreneurs (Like you!) learn the ins and outs of creating your own website with Divi. You don’t have to know a lot of code, or be a super skilled web designer. (Even though there’s a place for those people, too!)

Here’s what Design With Divi has to offer:

A blogging series with tons of Divi tips + tutorials.
A free online guide to learn how to start your own Divi website.
A free library of Divi Layouts designed just for creatives.
A shop of my very own Divi products.
A directory of professional Divi web designers to hire.

In a nutshell, I just want to show you all of the amazing things Divi has to offer and what it can do for your business.

Why? Because your website is your most valuable asset. And good design matters.

If designed well, a website can help you make more money, grow your email list, reach more people, and make your brand stand out in your niche. I’ve use Divi to work for my own (And my client’s!) business. Now I’m on a mission to help you do the same. Simple as that, my friend. 

In Summary

The Divi theme will be the only WordPress theme you’ll ever need. From my own experience, it’s the best theme you can use to design your own creative business website. With basic understanding of how Divi works, you can use it to your advantage and create a beautiful, professional website that actually works for your business. (And I’m here to help.)

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Hi there, I'm Britt! I'm a branding + website designer based in Austin, Texas. I started my business to help women entrepreneurs stand out online so they can make an impact on the world with their creative business. I believe in the power of good design, and how it can work for your business. Check out more posts related to Branding, Web Design, The Divi Theme, and Behind The Brand.

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