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How I Organize My Planner for My Business

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Planning is so essential for the success of any entrepreneur, especially if you’re freelancing – you’re not tied down to a consistent routine and have no “boss” to answer to. You can have a million great ideas and ambitious goals, but without a strategic plan of action – how likely are you to get it done?
So today, I’m going to break down how I organize my planner for my business and how I plan to stay on track throughout the next couple of months.


1. Find a planner that works for you.

In my case, I have two. One is a weekly planner and the second is a monthly one. I use my weekly planner to plan out + write down my weekly and daily tasks. And since this one doesn’t include monthly overviews, I have a separate monthly planner. I use this one to write out any meetings, important dates and all of my blog posts.

I really like the simplicity of these. They aren’t cluttered with lots of text and color, and leave plenty of room for you to write out what you need to do.

Need a list of top planners? Check this out.


2. Create a legend.

Creating a legend helps keep your tasks and notes organized. I was really inspired by the bullet journal and the use of icons to coordinate tasks. And instead of different colored pens, I’ve been using highlighters to color coordinate specific categories. You can also use washi tape! Here’s a close up of my color coding system (No one judge me for my doodlin’ skills):


3. Choose a catch-up day.

On Sunday evening, I plan out the entire week so that come Monday, I’m fully prepared to tackle my tasks. In the first couple of weeks of trying to gain a grasp of my business, I was fumbling around from one task to the next, letting the events of my day lead me around and determine my next step (let’s be honest, this still happens from time to time). And some days I would be so overwhelmed with things to do, I wouldn’t get anything done because I wouldn’t know where to even begin.
Do you ever feel like that too? Just paralyzed by your never-ending to-do list? Dedicate a day to planning. Trust me, it will change everything.
I’ve discovered that the more prepared I am, the more motivated I am to hit the ground running and start making things happen immediately. So I make sure to have my plan of action in place that way I’m in control.


4. Start writing.

So once that is all set, I get to writing! In my weekly planner, there is a “To Do” section at the bottom of every column for each day. This is where I write out the most important tasks that needs to be completed for that specific day.
This includes things such as what I need to write, who I need to contact, what coffee dates I have planned, where I need be, etc.
Above this section, the day is divided up into time-slots, starting from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. I leave the time-slots open so each day I can break down these big tasks into smaller ones. Sometimes I go by the time slots, sometimes I don’t (I’m still working on it).
I also need to work on prioritizing my daily list in order of importance that way I’m not wasting time on less important tasks. It will make it easier for me to tackle, and when I complete a task, I’m not wondering what to do next because I’ve written it down, studied it and put everything in order. I know just where to go, what to do, and when to do it.


5. Plan out blog posts.

In the back of my weekly planner, there is a section specifically dedicated to lists. I started writing out every blog post idea that came to mind, and to this day this list keeps growing and growing.
But now I need to strategically plan when to write and publish those blog posts. So in my monthly planner, I try to schedule my blog posts for each week. This has become somewhat my editorial content calendar. Once I have these set up, I use the Editorial Calendar plugin to schedule them through WordPress. (You can easily just skip the process of writing them out and go straight to the plugin to schedule, but like I said, nothing beats pen + paper.)
Knowing what topics I’m going to write about each week helps me stay focused and the entire process run a lot quicker.
Usually, I dedicate Fridays to drafting my posts, work on them throughout the weekend and then publish on Monday. I just started blogging so this process is new to me, but so far it works for my schedule!


6. Set your monthly goals.

Within my monthly calendar there are couple pages after each month where I write out my goals and any notes related to them. These could be tools and resources I’ve discovered that will help me achieve these goals or potential clients for that month. I break it into three categories: business, personal and financial.
Next week, I’ll dive into my goals for August, so stay tuned for that!


7. Stay on top of your game throughout the week.

Consistency is key. I’m barely adjusting to this new planning schedule, but I knew once I had these systems in place, all I needed to do was consistently keep up with it so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed again. It’s like doing your laundry (Raise your hand if your laundry basket is overflowing… Both of my hands are raised). Breaking up your loads of work into smaller tasks and creating a plan of action to get it done will help you become successful in business, and in life.
Okay, so now I want to help YOU get organized and create a plan of action for your own business!


It’s Giveaway Time!


I’ll be giving away the same materials that I use for myself.
Here’s what’s included:

  • 1 mint green weekly planner
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  • 1 pack of 5 highlighters (with cute encouraging words printed on them)
  • 1 pack of 6 washi tape rolls
  • and 1 white & gold Bando pouch

You can view + purchase all of the items here:
Weekly Planner/ Monthly Planner / The Happy Planner Stickers / Washi Tape / Bando Clutch / Shine Bright Highlighters


All you have to do to enter is:

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Got any planning tips you want to share? Leave a comment below!
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