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How To Add A Custom Sidebar To Your Divi Blog Post


By default, the Divi theme has one main sidebar that appears on all blog posts. Of course, that’s great if you just have one standard sidebar, but what if you wanted to customize your posts to show a specific sidebar that relates to your different topics? Well, with the Divi layout + portability feature, it’s super easy! In this post, I’ll show you how.

First, let’s create your custom sidebar…

1. Go To Appearance > Widgets > Create a new Sidebar Widget Area (Be sure to refresh your browser to view the new widget area)

2. Drag + drop in your Widget Modules to build out your sidebar
Some modules you could include are…

  • Bloom Module for a Custom Email Optins
  • Links to Top Related Posts
  • Freebies + Resources related to that topic
  • Social Media Icons
  • Search Bar, etc…

The idea is to build a sidebar that relates specifically to this blog post, or the blog post topic/category.


That was easy!


Now let’s embed it into your new post…

3. Go To Posts > Add New > Add your Post Title > Enable Divi Builder

4. Under Divi Post Settings: Set the Page Layout to Full-Width

5. Add Specialty Section > Select the ¾ ¼ Column Layout > Remove Default Section

6. Insert a Single Column in the ¾ Column Area > Add in Text Module > Write your post in the Content area > Click Save & Exit

7. Insert a Sidebar Module in ¼ column area > Select the Custom Sidebar that you just created > Go to the Design tab > Switch toggle to Yes for Remove Sidebar Separator.


Now let’s save your Divi Layout so you can use it on future posts…

8. Click Save To Library in the purple header > Add your Layout Name > Click Save

Now instead of re-creating the layout each time, just import your new Divi Layout from your Divi Library like this:


Did you find this post helpful? Share it with your Divi friends! Want more Divi-related posts like this? Comment below and let me know what you’d like for me to cover next!

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