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How To Install Your Divi Theme

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Hello, creative boss! So you decided to go with Divi for your website? Good choice! 🙂
Now you’re probably wondering, how do I install this bad boy and get started designing my own blog or website?
I’ll show you! Let’s get started.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Fresh installation of WordPress on your new site*
Divi Parent Theme ZIP File
Divi Child Theme ZIP File

*Please keep in mind that this tutorial works best when starting from scratch. If you already have a website up with content and blog posts, I recommend creating a Backup of your site before moving forward.


Download Your Divi Theme

This will be your parent theme. You can find a copy of your Divi Theme by logging into your account on Elegant Themes. In the Member’s Area Theme Tab (Usually, it’s the first page that comes up when you login), scroll all the way until you see: Theme Downloads.

Find Divi and click the Download button and select Theme Package. This will download a file to your computer. Save it and keep it handy.


Create Your Child Theme

What are child themes? In a nutshell, child themes allow you to create your custom theme on top of Divi, adding your customizations, fonts, colors without messing up the original theme’s code or core functionalities. This is important because when it comes time to update your theme, your hard work won’t get overwritten. It will only update the Divi parent theme and your customizations from your child theme will stay in place.
It’s actually best practice to use child themes not just with Divi, but with any WordPress Theme.
You can do this manually, but if you’re not tech-savvy and looking to save time, try out this Divi Child Theme Builder from Divi Space.
Once you generate your child theme, save the zip folder and keep it close! We’ll be using it in our next step.

Now, Let’s Install Your Divi Theme:

1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard (For example:

2. From the Dashboard Panel, Hover Over Appearance

3. Click Themes

4. Click Add New button at the top

5. Click Upload Theme button at the top

6. Click Choose File

7. Select Your folder (Note: It must be in .zip format)

8. Click Install Now

9. Once it has been installed, click Activate

10. Repeat Steps 4-9, but this time, upload your Divi child theme .zip file that you created and Activate
After you repeated those steps and activated your child theme, you will see something like this:

11. Done.

Super simple, right? Now the fun part begins!
You’ll see once you click your website that things will look pretty generic. As with all themes, you’ll need to go in and add your own customizations. To start customizing, I recommend starting with the Theme Options and Theme Customizer tabs within your Divi Tab on the Dashboard.
If you have any trouble, feel free to send a question my way! 🙂

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I'm a branding + web designer for creative entrepreneurs. Here on my blog I like to share my top tips related to branding, web design, and Divi – my favorite WordPress theme. Enjoy!

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