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How To Style Your Divi Blog Page

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Learn How To Transform Your Divi Blog Page With These Simple CSS Tricks

In this Divi tutorial, you’ll design a simple, modern list-style blog feed with a right sidebar.

Divi Blog Before

Default Divi Blog Module + Sidebar

Divi Blog After

Modern Divi Blog Design Using CSS

Set Up Your Divi Blog Page

Set up your blog + sidebar layout:
  • Go to your Blog page > Enable Visual Page Builder
  • Insert Section > Specialty Section
  • Insert Column > 3/4 and 1/4 (Right Sidebar)
  • Insert Row > Single Row
  • Insert Module > Blog Module > Save
  • In the far right column, Insert Module > Sidebar Module > Save
  • Delete default Regular Section above
  • Save All Changes

Style The Divi Blog Module Using CSS

Assign Custom CSS Class To Blog Module:
  • Go to your Blog page > Open the Blog Settings module
  • Go to the Advanced tab > CSS ID & Classes > CSS Class > Copy & Paste: bbb_blog_list > Save
  • Save All Changes
Style your blog post title Text with css:
  • Go to Divi > Theme Options > Custom CSS
  • Copy & Paste and Save:
Style your blog post meta Text with css:
  • Go to Divi > Theme Options > Custom CSS
  • Copy & Paste and Save:
Style your Read more button with css:
  • Go to Divi > Theme Options > Custom CSS
  • Copy & Paste and Save:
remove the sidebar Divider:

To remove the sidebar divider for all sidebar modules:

  • Open the Module Customizer
  • Go to Sidebar tab
  • Check Remove Vertical Divider Box
To remove the sidebar divider for all individual blog posts:

  • Go to Divi > Theme Options > Custom CSS
  • Copy & Paste and Save:
Complete css Code

Copy and paste the full CSS code into your own website. Make sure you don’t forget about this step!

Bonus: Css Tips

Modify the styles to fit your own website.

A little CSS can go a long way! Here are some basic CSS Properties + Values you can test out:

  • font-family: Open Sans | Montserrat | Lato | Raleway;
  • font-size: 30px | 25px;
  • color: #000000 | black;
  • font-weight: bold | bolder;
  • text-transform: uppercase | lowercase | capitalize;
  • letter-spacing: 1px | 2px;
  • line-height: 1.5em | 2em;
  • text-align: center | left | right;
  • background: #000000 | transparent | black;
  • width: 150px | 50% | 100%;
  • padding: 5px 10px | 5px 10px 5px 10px;
  • border: solid 2px #000000; | none;

Please note: I’ve separated different values you can test out with a “|”. Remember, only choose one value for each property.

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